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I seem to have worst luck when it comes to life.

So today I was going to get my tire fixed on my car, finally. So when I went they told me that it was a three hour wait and that I should just come back around 4. Sooooooo I hung around town for a while with Taylor. Then we went back to the tire place. I get there at tell me that it's a 3 hour wait, but this time they tell me that if I wanted to just leave the tire there and pick it up in the morning that I could. So I get in my car and move it...turn my car off...remove tire from trunk...get back into my car...try to start car......nothing. So we sit there for a while and they try to start my car.

Anyways there was no luck..they think that it's the starter or a bad connection. They don't do any of that. Sooo I have to find some place that will fix my car and then have my car towed. Luckly my dad is going to help me out since I don't have the money to fix my car.

Sooo...does anyone know of a mechanic that will fix my car for decent price/ is in bremerton since towing is going to be expensive if I have to go far?

This needs to be done faaast.


I hope it doesn't snow. I hate snow.

Anyways. I had a great birthday thank you all that contributed.
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