Sarah (sarahrc) wrote,

Yesterday Dylan and I went and saw Fiona Apple. Amazing. She played every song that I wanted to hear. I would love to see her again. After the show was a hoot. We met up with Chris S. and Samina (sp?) and the Katie (?) and ate some food. Good laughs. I had a great time. Thank you.

Today was good. I helped with the cooking (that took all day). It was weird spending Thanksgiving without my mom or dad. I talked to my mom and she spent Thanksgiving alone, that made me feel miserable. If I would have known that she was going to be alone I would have spent it with her.

I got a birthday present early. CD player for my car!!!! No more fussing with batteries while I am driving!! yaya!

I work tomorrow and I REALLY don't want to. First big shopping day of the holiday season. The mall is going to be a mad house, if you can avoid going to the mall do it.

Hmmm..thats it. Tata.

Oh yeah...I want to see RENT this week, anyone interested in going?
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