December 27th, 2002

My eyes

Suddenly things change

Christmas went well. It was different, but good.
-Christmas morning woke up here
-went through stockings opened presents
-hung around the house got ready to leave
-todd came over and we left to go see LOTR 2 but is was sold out
-met my dad at the gas station
-went to dad's house
-opened presents

My ex-stepmom came over while I was there. When my dad left the room, she told me that she wanted to talk to me. This was kind of strange to me. So basically this is what was said.... she told me that she was surprised by the whole separation. That she still wants to see me. That she LOVES ME, cares, and misses me. She told me that we have gone through to much and to many years to just not see each other anymore. This was all a shock to me because never has she ever told me that she loved me or anything of that sort. Becky (ex-stepmom) invited me to come and stay with her for weekends if I want to when my dad moves to Montana. When she was talking to me, I could tell that she wanted to cry, and I wanted to cry. It was weird. Then after all the talking she hugged me. I have a different perspective on the relationship that Becky and I have now.

This year has been so weird. And with the Holidays I notice it more. I feel that there is something missing there, but nothing that I can really fix. It would be nice to think that things are going to be easier, but with my dad moving to montana that is just going to be another big change that I am going to have to go through.

on a lighter note...when my mom came and got me from my dad' house we went to the mall. I got me some Bras and Undies. wooo so cute. then we met Todd at the mall and decided that we were going to go see LOTR 2, and we did. It was a pretty good movie. Then my mom and I came home and I opened more presents from my ex-stepdad.
I got some cool things. I like everything.

There is a show tomorrow, and I want to go to it. But I need a ride.

time for bed.
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