December 20th, 2002

My eyes


uh..this just figures finally school is out and now I am sick. SICK!! ugh this makes me mad. Today I was forced to go to school. so I went and 2nd period I went down to the office and slept. then went through the rest of the day. then I got home and slept for a couple hours.

Saturday- I am going to Enumclaw to have a christmas dinner sort of thing with the family. meh I am not looking forward to that very much.

Sunday- finish christmas shopping.

right now I wish that I had:
Cup of Noodle- chicken
tropical flavored Bubbly water (always crave it when I am sick)

I miss vern.

Yesterday I went to the mall, Whare House Music, and Barnes and Nobles. Got some christmas shopping done.

oh yes....

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