December 14th, 2002

My eyes

You spin me right 'round baby right a record player 'round 'round

Last night was awesome. I am glad that I got to go to the show. The run down (even though tori already did it)
-met tori at OC
-walked to her house in the rain
-waited till we were going to catch the ferry but ended up missing it.
-I called a cab, and we went to the Ferry.
-Met Kapua while we were waiting.
-got to seattle, started walking to find the right bus.
-got on the bus, and got off
-walked a couple blocks to the Parodox
-got there...paid for Tori and I...went in about 3 mins before the first band started.
-Got to be with vern the whole time.
-after FATA, we walked to find a bus
-got on the Ferry..with annoying/rude drunk people, then fell asleep
-walked back to Toris then went to bed at about 4

It was a good night. The bands were way cool. I am soo glad that I got to see From Autumn to Ashes.
All the Bands were really good.

then today, haven't really done anything. Hung out with Tori more. Then my mom's boyfriend came and got me, after a little bit of fighting with my mom.

Now I am pretty tired. and I miss Vern a lot. I <3 you. sucks seeing him once every two weeks. hopefully that will change soon.
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