December 8th, 2002

My eyes


This weekend:
Friday: dad came and got me, we went and got pizza and movies, MIB 2 and Spiderman. watched them. For my birthday my dad got me a model of a corvett. It was a joke because that was all that I would tell him that I wanted for my birthday was a car.

Saturday: Dad took me shopping, got 2 pairs of pants 2 shirts and pj pants and tank top.

Sunday/today: My mom came and got me.

this weekend was pretty laid back. Talked to my dad. I know have a feeling that he cares. It looks like he is going to be moving to Montana this summer. His work wants him there. I told him that I was alright with it, and I am. I will just be going to montana a lot.

school tomorrow. I don't want to go.

From Autumn to Ashes Friday, I reallly reallly want to go.

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