December 6th, 2002

My eyes

There is something in my eye and it hurts really bad.

Yep so this week has been kind of interesting. A lot of laughing and thats about it.
Making fun of Sam's sister on the bus is always fun.

Instead of attending the show tonight, like I would like to be doing I will be at my dad's house this weekend. So if you want to get a hold of me for any reason go ahead and call me there, since the computer is broken. 253-857-5116

Last night Heather and I were being nerds last night:
saarrrrraah: we RULE
heether15: we ROCK the house
saarrrrraah: raise the roof
saarrrrraah: wha wha
heether15: ooh shiat
heether15: hook it UP
saarrrrraah: fo sho niga
heether15: on da real playa
saarrrrraah: off the heizy fo sheizy


saarrrrraah: *pushin the roof*
heether15: hahhahah *lowering the floor*


heether15: i'm all over that shit
saarrrrraah: on it like white on rice
heether15: AHAHAHA


saarrrrraah: I need some hardcore ghetto rap
saarrrrraah: hahah
heether15: dude me too that stuffs so funny
saarrrrraah: yeah it is
saarrrrraah: and like music videos all they do is wave their hands around anf grab their dicks
saarrrrraah: and*
heether15: haha I know i could totally be a rap star, but id grab my vagina because I dont have a dick
saarrrrraah: hahhahahha totally, just get some bling bling cash money, your ice and your set to go
heether15: oh hell yeah
heether15: I so want a huge necklace with a dollar sign all shiny and shit but i want it to be the most fake looking one you've ever seen then i totally want a du-rag
saarrrrraah: oh man


saarrrrraah: maybe I should just grow some balls
saarrrrraah: hahaha
heether15: hahahaha
heether15: some hairy ones
saarrrrraah: haha yeah
heether15: haha all about the hairy ones
saarrrrraah: then I could soo tell people to suck my hairy balls
heether15: hahahahhaha
saarrrrraah: yes yes

yeah it was fun.

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Vern left and I didn't get to asy goodbye to him. I hope that he feels better soon.

talk to you all when I get back.
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