December 1st, 2002

My eyes

Looking forward too.

I was looking through all of the paper work that I got for my it there is a bunch of tickets and a little handout thing of class scheduals for photography classes, and the tickets are your way in I guess. They start in this is what I am going to do...

January 4th- Photo 1 at 11 am and Photo 2 at 3 pm
January 5th- Flash at 3pm
January 12th- People and actions at 3pm
January 19th- Great Outdoors at 2 pm

all these classes are in Tuckwila Cameras West

I hope that these are semi-informative, I would like to know some more about taking pictures and things..

I have enough tickets for another person to come with like, if you are intersted in seriously interested then IM me about it. I don't really care if no one comes with me...just putting the option out there.
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