November 26th, 2002

My eyes

whoop whoop whoop

Thank you all the wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! So far this day has been great!
-Woke with a lot of energy
-went to the kitchen to find a big box waiting for me
-left for school
-made funny noises while walking down the road
-Sam wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY
-Got to school, my friend Tessa brought me ballooons:)
-Hugs and happy birthdays from everyone
-2nd period got a notice from the office telling that there is something waiting for me there
-walked down to the office and there waiting for me were 16 pink long stem roses and balloons~a gift from my mom's boyfriend
-Then I made my resume in 3rd
-I drove home, with sam...and made funny hand motions while I was driving.
-Then I opened up my gift....hehe...A new stereo....WOOO's big and very loud and and and...stuff like that...I am happpppppyyyyyyyyyyyyy....

So later we are going to go seattle and having dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory! yumm yumm

and and and....and...Vern and I are officialy going out now.:)

man what a great day it was been!!!!!!!!!!

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