November 21st, 2002

My eyes

Some Where Over the Rainbow...

Well today was totally lame...I was involved at this thing for school. It was a "Turkey Bowl"..what you did was take a 10lbs. turky (frozen) and threw, slid, or whatever you wanted to do to get it down to the other side and knock down all the pins. If you did that your name went on a ticket and at the end of that lunch we would draw a name and if you were the winner you would get a prize..$10 gift card for Spencer's Gifts or a card for 10 free Island Oasises. It was pretty funny. The reason for this was to raise money to go to the MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION. We raised $42, not that bad. And then there was Advacacy..that is a waste of time, but oh well.

Good news...I might be getting a car. I will know for sure in a week. Chances are it will be mine. yay!

I guess there is show tomorrow. Is there anyone going to that?
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