November 18th, 2002

My eyes

These are know who you are...I know you have seen them before.

Shed a tear because I care
Cry a river, because I love you
I will hold you till the end
But promise me that you will stay

Faults are not any issue
But a disagreement because we both care
To hear one cry is like the rope
Around my neck beginning to tighten.

Let me take your hand
Lead you away from the guns
The pills
The knifes,
That want to harm something as special as you.

I will be here always…..say you will be too.

your tears of pain
are like repeated stabs to my sides
sitting here unable to do anything
I feel so helpless
while you are there, thinking you are worthless
screaming, begging wanting to hold you
but you are so far away
when I see you next
take a deep breath
I will hold you
And no one will hurt you when I am near

There will come a day
When we hold eachother and cry
I will wipe your tears and you mine
Then looking into your eyes
I will smile
Because these are not tears of sorrow

Yes, I was upset...but don't's ok. I am glad that you told me, whether or not you think that you should or shouldn't have. I would have worried either way.
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My eyes

oh joy for quizzes

do you....
have a gf/bf: Yes, I think that I do..
have sister/brother's: yes two sisters..Nicole-22? Dennia (queer) 11
drink/smoke (cigs or pot): yes..sometimes/no/no
take lame internet quizes: No way
eat meat: not really

what year...
were you born: 1986
was your car made: '95, but it's not mine
do you/did you graduate: 2005
do you plan on getting married: Yes
do you plan on having children: Yes

what is your favorite...
food: rice/salad
drink: water/juice
season: Autumn
band: dunno
type of car: don't have one
sport: Basketball
type of ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
guy hair style: doesn't matter..but..I don't like long hair
girl hair style: anything..