November 17th, 2002

My eyes

Time after time..

This weekend was pretty good

Nothing...except slept in a bed with 4 other people...that was soo uncomfortable.

Went to my cousin's birthday party. That was a whole 5 hours of just sitting at a table doing nothing...woo.
Then we went to the was pretty cool, the bands were good. I liked them. And then I went outside with Tori and hung out with Vern, Blake, Ashley, and Kapua.
It was nice to be held, it's been a long time and I am glad that it happend. it was all worth standing out there is the cold. Made the whole day of waiting worth it.

Um...went to my aunt's house and watched part of Spider Man. Then we went to the movies and saw Harry was good...some parts were kind of boring. I thought that the first one was better. Then came home

haha oh yeah, on friday we went to costco and sam pinched my ass, and this old lady was walking behind us..she got this weird look on her face...haha it was funny.
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