November 14th, 2002

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Yesterday was a lot of fun...Mandy, Sam, and I went to Heather's house after school. Events that took place..
-We couldn't ride the bus because there wasn't enough room on the after getting off and watching the bus driver make other people start getting off the bus we walked up to the store.
-The walk was fun...I was telling a story and made Mandy spit her juice out, from laughing...haha it was sooo great.
-Got to the store, and hung out there..also fun and lots of laughing
-Got to Heather's house and began the hot wild lesbian sex!!!hahaha..just kidding...or am I? :P
-I fell off the bed...then I was pushed of twice..I pushed sam off the bed. it was funny to see her legs flying up in the air.
-Heather has theeeeee cooooolest spot in her closet. haha
-uh we listend to music and laughed a lot...
-laughed some more and then Sam's dad came and we went home.
my stomach still hurt from laughing when I got home...that was a fun time...and we should all do it again. Mandy is funny.
oh and MANDY IS JESUS!!!

So Today:

School was blah today, because I was very tired. So I got home, sat for an hour and then went to sleep around 2:00 and got up about an hour ago....
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