November 12th, 2002

My eyes

When I wake up tomorrow, will you have changed? because I still feel the same.

What sexy girl are you

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oh god I wish...

Which female sex symbol are you?

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today was fun...everything today seemed funny and that was cool. At lunch today this girl was like " There's something poking me in the ass...what is that...omg it's a staple..there is a staple in my ass" it was funny. Then she put the staple that she pulled out of her ass and put it on the table..good times.

On the bus Sam and I talked about how it is like every girl that is our age/that we go to school with is having sex. What the hell? Like sam said "they are all doing it for the wrong reasons". There should not be little 14 year olds having sex...just ewww.
Then we made fun of her sister, that was funny.

Some one asked me a question today that made me feel good about myself. "Have you been losing weight?" woo, someone noticed, well actually two people.

oh yes...
For everyone that had my old phone (830-2425) FORGET IT!!! it's gone. Here is the number that is taking it's place..K..ready..830-0731, and that number is working now. So anyone that wants it, there you go.

thats all folks!!!
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