November 8th, 2002

My eyes

I am a victim of my time, a product of my age, you alone are my obsession

So I am looking forward to a 3 day weekend of doing nothing at all. wooo how exciting, so if anyone wants hang out then let me know.

Soo I have pretty much free weekends till December. My dad will be gone till then, so I won't be going over there. Seems like he is caring about me less and less. There really isn't much that I can do that would make a difference. He does what he does.

I hate it when there is something that I want to say to someone, but don't because I am afraid of the out come. Oh well, I guess it is not really that important.

Salsa dancing...How cool would that be? I want to learn how to really bad. I am going to talk to my mom about getting lessons for it.

Sam drew me a picture's a crackwhore. Great picture. I stuck it on my binder. She made it pocket size so I could bring it everywhere with me. Everyone needs a pocket size crackwhore. haha

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