November 3rd, 2002

My eyes

And the beat goes on....

Tonight was really fun...

- tori came and got me
- went over to Vern's house for a while. Tori was being really funny/retarded, making fun of Blake. Then she snotted on her self...that was soo funny.
- Tori and I left about 11:30, the decided to go on a mini-road trip. We went to Olympia. Then to Denny's
- Had hot chocolate and tori ate.
- Started our way back, but realized that the gas gage was on E, so we found a gas station and got gas.
- Then drove home, I was falling a sleep in the car, trying my hardest to stay awake.
- Now I am home, online.

All in all it was a pretty good night, I am glad that I got to go out.

yay!! I am soo glad that I got to see was fun!!!

night all...

Tori- power to the bracelets!!
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My eyes

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It's weird how this quiz and the other one that I took relate.


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