October 26th, 2002

My eyes

I wished upon a star......and this is all that I got.

So I feel better not doing what I had planned on doing tonight.
I don't really know why thought...oh well. I hope that I can go to the show tonight, and if things go as planned then I should be going. We will see though....

A month from today is my birthday!!!! Weee!!! Time to get working on how I am going to get a car...:S

I really like this part of the song..The Lyrics are....

Sleep on portraits painted as perfect as you
Why have I been given the chance to fly
When I am with you I feel lesser alone
Why have I been given the chance to fly away...


I have some goods, I am getting better with somethings...I don't feel as bad as I did...there is still lots that I need to work with. So I am going to continue with the couseling.
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