October 2nd, 2002

My eyes

we all knew that it would happen at some point...

Well at least I did. Why Why Why????? Oh well...it's just not what I want.

Tomorrow I am going to Squim for a swim meet...lets see if this one will be better, and I won't have to be pulled out of the pool...that would be great.

I want to go to the Vandals...sam lets go...really we should try...

everytime that there is a good show or capture the flag...I have to do something else...why does that always happen? huh?

On the 16th...I am going to the Paul McCartney concert....shall be fun (I hope)

A lot of people are at the Tool concert...I hope that they are having a blast!!!

Anything else that I have to say is just some more random thoughts...so I will be going now.
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