September 21st, 2002

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*Full Name: Sarah Ruth Connor
*Nicknames: twitch
*Age: 15
*Birthday: November 26, 1986
*Birthplace: Spain
*City where you reside: Seabeck


*Siblings: yes two
*If yes, what are their names and ages: Dennia 11, Nicole 22
*Are your parents married: No
*If not, how old were you when they got divorded: 2 or 3
*Do you have any pets: Yes
*If so, what are their names: Mocha, cleo, Alder


*Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: no
*If yes, how long have you been together: Never
*Whats their name and age: Bob, 90
*Whats your favorite thing to do together: Wipe the drool of his face.
*Has your boyfriend/girlfriend ever bought you a gift?: yep
*If yes, whats the best thing they ever bought you:
*Are you nicer to them then they are to you: no not really
*Do your parents like your boyfriend/girlfriend: Yes of course
*Are you in love: Very much so...


*Are you a virgin: Yes
*Have you ever given oral sex: Yes
*Have you ever received oral sex: Yes
*Do you prefer getting or giving oral sex: Either one
*Have you ever had anal sex: EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!
*If no, would you ever try it: NevAR
*Ever licked an asshole: Nope
*Have you ever had sex at your friends house: No
*Have you ever had sex in your friends bed: No
*Have you ever had sex in your parents bed: No
*Have you ever fooled around in the shower: No...but I would liek too
*Have you ever watched porn with someone: Yes
*Do you masturbate regularly: Not regularly
*Ever masturbated in front of anyone: No
*Ever given a hand job: Yes
*Ever fingerd a chick: No
*Have you ever used a dildo: No
*Do you have a fetish: Nope
*If yes, what is it:


*Favorite Horror movie: hmm...Don't know.
*Favorite Comedy movie: ?
*Favorite Troma movie:
*Favorite Disney movie: To many to choose from.
*Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington, Sir. Anthony Hopkins..some others...
*Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullek(sp) some others....
*Favorite Musical movie: Moulin Rouge
*Favorite Action movie: Don't know.

*Favorite show: Boston Public
*Favorite cartoon: so many to choose from
*Favorite childrens show: ehhh
*Favorite sport to watch: ummmm...
*Favorite commercial: I forgot...
*Favorite TV actress: Jennifer Aniston
*Favorite TV actor: hmmm.....

*Favorite childrens book: See spot Run?
*Favorite novel: I don't have one...I like a lot of books, that I have read.
*Favorite author: Don't have one.
*Favorite magazine: ehhhh
*What do you read for bathroom material: The back of Shampoo bottles

*Favorite band(s): Bad Religion, I am thinkin'
*Favorite song(s): right now I really like the song, Short Stories with Tragic Endings.
*Best concert you have ever been too: This one is for you Dylan....John Prine
*Favorite 70's song and group:
*Favorite 80's song and group:
*Who was your faovite singer/group in elementry school: Spice girls and Backstreet boys
*What band has the best stage presence:
*Whats your favorite music video:
*MTVX or MTV: uhh


*All time favorite food: Rice and Salad (not together)
*Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
*What do you like on your pizza: Hawwian Style
*Favorite candybar: Twix
*Favorite alcoholic drink: Haven't had enough to answer this.
*Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Water and Juice
*Favorite soda: Dr. Pepper
*Best dinner your mommy cooks: Don't know
*Do you cook: Yes
*If yes, whats your favorite thing to cook: Any thing, just as long as I make the person that I am cooking for happy.


*Do you have a job: Nope. need one.
*If yes, where do you work:
*How many jobs have you had:
*Do you like your job:
*Do you make mad scrilla:
*Do you think you deserve a raise:
*Is your boss a total dick:


*What is your view on abortion: It's your choice
*What is your view on underage drinking: I don't have a problem with it
*Do you think "the age of consent" is too high: uh
*How old should you be when you get married: whenever you think that you are ready and can handle that commitment
*What do you think of artificial insemination:
*Whats your opinion on contraceptives: use them
*Do you think the police take advantage of their jobs: All the time
*Do you agree with the death penalty: Not in all cases
*What do you think of using prisoners as lab rats: not a good idea
*What is you opinion of organized religion: I think that if you want to believe then do it..I choose not too.
*Whats the most retarded thing thats against the law: hmm…tough one
*Should chlid molestars be shot: sure why not.
*Do you think celebrities get away with things cuz they have money: Of course


*Who is your best friend: Sam
*Who is your grossest friend: hmmm
*What have they done thats so gross:
*Who is your funniest friend: probably Mandy
*Which friend can you count on for almost anything: there isn’t just one
*Which friends will definately be at your wedding: I don’t know…depends if we still talk by then
*Which friends will definately be at your funeral: all of them
*Which friends would you want as your roommates: hmm almost any of them
*Do you secretly wanna fuck any of your friends: Oh yes ;p
*Do your friends use you sometimes: Yes.
*Most talented friend: Hmmm…don’t know
*What is their talent: ^


*Are you in high school: Yes.
*What high school do you go to: Klahowya
*Are you in college: Nope
*What college do you go to:
*Whats your favorite class: ehhh
*Whats your major:
*Do you actually do al your homework: yeah pretty much
*Have you met any cool people at school this year: just the same cool people that I usually hang out with.


*Do you like chicks or dicks: Dicks
*What attracts you to the opposite sex: Personality and eyes..
*What do you look for personality wise: I don’t feel like going through it all.
*What kinds of odd things do you find sexy: hahaha
*What style of dress do you find sexy: hmm….tough one
*Does size in boobs or dick matter to you: umm… I think that depends..
*If you had a crush on someone that your friends thought was "uncool", would you admit it to them: yeah I probably would...eventually they will get over it.
*Do you have a crush on anyone: yeah maybe kinda
*If so, what do you do to get their attention: Just talk to them.
*Whats a perfect date: I'm to lazy to type it out.
*Have you had any romantic fantasies: Yes.
*What are those fantasies: I am not going to tell you.
*Would you ever date your friends ex: Umm...I don't know.
*would you let your friend date your ex: Depends


*What kind of car do you drive: Chevey Suburban
*What kind of car do you want to be driving: Nissan X-Terra
*What was your first car: I don't own a car


*Whats your favorite website: haha
*Do you chat online: I do.
*Who annoys you most while your online: Umm...
*Do you try to pick up chicks/guys online: No..
*Do you have a webcam: Used too.
*Do you use it for naughty things:
*Whats your AIM, MSN, or YAHOO id: AIM- saarrrrraah MSN-sarah


*Do you skateboard: I sit on the skateboard and go down hills.
*Do you like camping: Yep
*Do you eat fish: Yes, sometimes
*Do you have a night light or stuffed animal you sleep? No
*Do you gamble: NO
*Are you a heartbreaker: No I don't think that I am
*Do you play an instrument: Yes
*If so, which one: Bass guitar
*Do you like sharing sunsets/sunrises with special: I erased what is said on umm I will say...sure why not.
*Have you ever done something illegal and got caught: Nope
*If so, what was it:
*Ever been to juvy or jail: Yes I have been to one... I wasn't there because I was in trouble though.
*What is your obssession: hehe haha hehe
*How long did it take you to fill this out: umm way way to long.
My eyes

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Dylan...I think that you got me sick...this morning I woke up with a stuffed up nose, and now I can't breathe out of it.

Last night was eventful. The show sucked...but thats ok. I can't believe that Dylan got pulled over that was crazy...the whole time I was sitting there hoping that they weren't going to arrest him...and for those of you who know me pretty well then you know why. Otherwise I don't feel like explaining it. So anyways you all know the rest of the story...if you read Dylan's post.

Dude I can't believe that we went to the same concert...that is weird. Who would have thought.

I went to this "suprise" birthday party today. umm I guess that it was ok...nothing to special. umm....hah the girl that the suprise was for, was walking in right after I had to run...she came to early. it was funny. umm...and I saw a cute boy there..teeheeteehee...umm yeah...but other then that it was pretty lame. Better then sitting at home.
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