September 16th, 2002

My eyes

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The wedding was fun. It was so hot though. The ceremony was about 2 mins. long. Which is better then sitting through something that is an hour and a half long. I got to see my older sister and my nephews, that was nice. The real fun started when that dancing started. Everyone by that time was really drunk. I had beer spilled down my arm from one guy and wine down my leg, by another. And then this really really drunk guy wanted to dance with me, and he was trying to be all sweet and everything, haha but it's really hard to take someone seriously when all their words were slurd and you could hardley understand them. haha it was great. People were dancing around with full wine bottles in their hands. My aunt (the one that got married) started dacing on the tables, that was soo funny. But yeah it was a pretty fun night. Then yesterday I was really tired.

and now I have to go to school. joy.
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