September 11th, 2002

My eyes


First I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today was the Swim meet. I competed in 50 freestyle, 200 relay freestyle, and the 100 backstroke. I came in 4th place on the 50 freestyle... I was so close to getting third. Oh well, next time. and I sucked really bad at the backstroke...came is last for that. And then I was the Second person in, but then the team got slowed down...because the fat bitch that was suppose to go right after I touched the wall...waited there for the longest was really lame.

But yeah I am really mad...because I wanted to go to the shows this weekend...and I am going to be gone...Oh well.
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My eyes

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Damnit where is everyone? Someone talk to me!!!!

AIM: saarrrrraah
Windows Messanger: Sarah

Tori! you need to get online earlier so I can talk to you!!!1!!
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