September 8th, 2002

My eyes

so here it goes...because you said so....

Happiness, excitement, anger, frustration, tears, smiles, screams, laughter. All these things are crammed into one day..making it a roller coaster. You say one thing but do another.

Ever wonder what it would be like if there was not such thing as unhappiness or pain? Would you really get as much out of life as you do when you experience all these things? Would everyone walk around the same, not having their own personality? With having that pain and makes you the person that you are now and will be in time to come. The way that you choose to deal with it up to you.

Giving up....why give things up? Or to quit trying. When you give something up, it's like saying that it will never happen. But what if it does happen. Do you say..."well I gave up on that already so it can't be real" and then pass up what could be a potential "good" thing. I know that when you wait and wait for something all you want to do it give up, like all the pain isn't worth it. But what if it's something that you really want. Is the pain worth it then? Or to just give up? What is better in the long run?
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