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LiveJournal for Sarah.
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Saturday, August 24th, 2002

Subject:New Cd
Time:1:42 am.
Mood: cheerful.
I went to the show tonight...for the most part I had fun. I saw Dylan...I felt..weird. I know that I probably shouldn't have, but like gaaaa I don't know. Hopefully that was just a one time thing.

THANKS Chris for the cd..I am listening to it right now...so far I really like what I am hearing.

It was cool seeing everyone too! Tori my number 2 best friend!!! Thank you Kate for the Sticker.

So I almost got in a car accident today. I was driving my mom's boyfriends mustang. I was on the High-way and about to change lanes when my mom starts yelling "No...sarah don't do that...No..." because there was a car right next to us...I did not see it when I checked...I obviously did not check good enough. So I jerked the steering wheel one way and then back to the other side. and slammed on the breaks..not a good thing to do...so then there was more yelling "no don't stop the car" man I was so freaked out. Do you have any idea how bad I would have felt if I would have gotten into a accident in his car. Oh man...but he said that everyone makes mistakes...and yeah but man...teaches me to look more carefully.

thanks for the ride home Dylan.
vintage pose

Time:4:14 am.
Mood: sad.
Well today was a day to step back and relize a couple of things.

I relized that after I had an emotional break down. That was not fun at all...one minute I was fine the next I was not. At one point I went outside and just cried there for a few mins.

I think that I need some sleep maybe that will help some.
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LiveJournal for Sarah.

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