August 8th, 2002

My eyes

Tori I stole these from you....

[ Current Clothes] sweats and a tank top
[ Current Mood ] really bored
[ Current Music ] nothing
[ Current Taste ] eh..
[ Current Make-up ] non
[ Current Hair ] in a messy bun
[ Current Annoyance ] my mom
[ Current Smell ] umm...
[ Current thing I ought to be doing] Sleeping
[ Current Desktop Picture ] A flower
[ Current Favorite Artist ] I don't know
[ Current Favorite Group ] ummm...
[ Current Book you're reading] Pandora and The Vampire Lestat
[ Current CD in CD Player] Bad Religion
[ Current DVD in player] it was Shrek
[ Current Color Of Toenails ] Pink
[ Current Refreshment ] none
[ Current Worry ] making the wrong choice
Name: Sarah
Sex: female
Birthday: November 26
Height: 5'7 1/2"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Eye Color of Choice: I like blue
Writing Hand: Right

Nervous Habits: not being able to sit still
Do you bite your nails? not usually
Are you double jointed? Maybe in my finger
Can you roll your tongue? no
Can you blow smoke rings? Nope
Can you blow spit bubbles? No
Can you cross your eyes? Yeah

On the average, how much money do you carry in your purse/wallet? umm $2-10
What jewelry do you wear 24/7? my necklace before it broke.
What's sexiest article of clothing on a guy? I don't know..
For a chick? eh...
Favorite Piece of Clothing: shirts/sweat shirts
Pajamas: t-shirt/tank top and pj pants.

Do you wind your spaghetti or cut it? Wind
Have you ever eaten Spam? Yeah I think so.
How often do you brush your teeth? Twice a day
How often do you shower/bathe? Everyday
How long does your shower last? 15-30 mins.
Hair drying method: usually blow dry
Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair? Yep
What colors has your hair been? Dark red color and frosted blond...
If that fountain of youth existed, would you drink from it? Umm
Do you paint your nails? Yep

Do you swear? yes
Do you ever spit? sometimes

Actor/Actress: I don't know
Food: Salad and rice
Month: November
Day: Thursday
Cartoon: I like a lot of them
Shoe Brand: Vans, flip flops and sometimes pumas
Subject in school: umm I don't want to think about school right now.
Color: Pink
Person to talk to online: Everyone
Sport: Basketball
Body part on/in you: Eyes/smile
Body part on the opposite sex: Eyes, smile, arms...ect...
TV show: Boston Public
Movie: umm....
Holiday: emm
Magazine: Something interesting
Vacationing Spot: I want to go to Spain..
Thing To Do In The Summer: hang with friends
Thing To Do In The Winter: Hang with friends
Perfume or Cologne: Clinique Happy
TV Station: anything that has something interesting

The CD Player: Bad Religion
Person you talk most on the phone with: Sam.
Ever taken a cab? Nope
Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors? Doesn't everyone?
What color is your bedroom? Light Pink
Do you use an alarm clock? when I have to get up for school.
Name one thing you are obsessed with: I really really like Music
Have you ever skinny-dipped with the opposite sex?: Nah
Ever sunbathed nude? Nope
Window seat or aisle?: either one

What's your sleeping position? On my side, knees bent
Even in hot weather do you use a blanket? Yep
Do you snore? Sometimes from what people have told me
Do you sleepwalk? Not anymore.
Do you talk in your sleep? yes, I even humm little tunes (sam told me)
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Yeah.
How about with the light on? No
Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on? Sometimes music
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My eyes

And this one too...

+ name: Sarah
+ birthday: November 26
+ nicknames: terminator chick and twich
+ location: Seabeck, Washington
+ what are you doing right now? Answering these dumb questions because I have nothing better to do.
+ what are you wearing? Sweats and a tank top
+ do you like your neighbors? of coures sam is my neighbor
+ whats your magic number? 19
+ do you smoke, drink, or do drugs? No, Yes, No

what comes to mind when you hear these names..

+ blair: Witch
+ shannon: eh..
+ thomas: a really annoying kid, with weird eyes
+ scott: some guy that likes me
+ lawrence: andy ( i have no clue why)
+ aaron: A guy that I just met
+ heather: feather
+ chris: umm..
+ mallory: What kind of name is that?
+ chaquita: Bananas
+ sean: Uncle


+ color: Pink
+ friend: I don't pick favorites
+ car: Old mustanges
+ food: salad and Rice
+ drink: Orange juice and water
+ store: i like a lot of different ones
+ outfit: My pjs
+ boyfriend/girlfriend: uh, I am a little confused by this question...Do they mean which one is your favorite?
+ song: I don't know
+ band: a lot of different ones
+ movie: I don't know
+ pair of socks: the ones that have monkeys on them and they have crazy eyes
+ saying: umm..
+ animal: Cats

when was the last time yo0u..

+ showered: Today
+ kissed some one: In April?
+ went to a movie: i don't know when but i saw, Mr. Deeds
+ cried: in July
+ talked on the phone: Just a few mins ago
+ paged someone: never people still use them?
+ lied: ummm today
+ cheated on someone: a couple years ago
+ ate nerds: I don't remeber
+ drank welchs grape juice: Its been a while
+ watched the country channel: a long long time ago
+ shaved ANY part of you body and what part: Today...legs...


+ do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: No
+ whats their name: no
+ how long have you been going out: never
+ have you ever been in love: yeah
+ who was the best kisser: the last person that I kissed
+ have you ever cheated on them: Haven't in a long long time.
+ whats your favorite thing to do with that special someone: Hang out and Cuddle
+ whats the best present youve gotten from someone: umm...
+ what qualities do you like in a guy or girl: Someone with a great personality.


+ whose your best friend: SAM!! and TORI!!
+ what makes your best friend: Just the kind of person that she is.
+ what do you guys do for fun: Anything that is fun.
+ who is your oddest friend: umm a lot of them are odd
+ who is your funniest: They are all funny
+ who is your happiest friend: happy? whats that?
+ who is your most annoying friend: some people, I don't feel like naming them off.
+ who is always there for you: Sam as come to prove that she will always be there. And anyone else that i just happen to talk to at that moment.
+ best guy friend: I don't know.
+ friend who could be more: At this point, I am going to keep my mouth shut.


+ worst kiss: I don't remember
+ anyone you think is homosexual: It doesn't matter to me.
+ do you know anyone named LeRoy: haha, no I wish that I did though.
+ do you like Pickles: Yep
+ do you have a website: I was in the middle of making one, didn't get very far.
+ do you watch PORN:'s funny
+ who you gonna vote for: I don't care, right now
+ do you have your own phone line: Yep.
+ your thoughts on abortion: Do it if you want, It's your own choice.
+ do you like britney spears: Fuck no.
+ do you want a britney doll: hahahahaha, never ever.
+ What do you want for christmas: CDs
+ do you have your 2 front teeth: yeah
+ what do you want to do with your life: To much to write it all out.
+ ever been butt naked bangin on the bathroom floor:
+ would you ever get plastic surgery if so on what: depends
+ biggest redneck you know: *shrug*
+ last time you went to the bowling alley: like 2 weeks ago
+ last time you were in a hoopdy truck: what the hell is that?
+ what perfume/cologne do you wear: Clinique Happy
+ do you think foreign accents are sexy: Yeah!
+ do you like jell-o if so what flavor: hmm...I don't know
+ brand of toothpaste: Aqua Fresh
+ last time you went to the doctor: a few months ago
+ do you think ricky martin is gay: Do you think that he is?
+ do you have a credit card? : No
+ do you love your mom: Yeah
+ ever taken ballet: Nope
+ favorite juice: Orange
+ Last time you used the restroom: A few mins ago
+ most attractive person: I don't know
+ last book you read: I am reading 2 now
+ white, dark, or milk chocolate: either
+ ever died your hair: yeah
+ What brand shampoo: Panteen ProV
+ favorite holiday: I don't know.
+ thing you hate most about your body: I don't like it.
+ last time you smoked: umm...
+ last thing you bought: A cd and bellybutton rings.

m0re rand0m..

+ are you stressd out: All the time
+ what do you wear to the beach: I don't feel like typing it out.
+ do you belive in angels: No.
+ would you ever join the army: Nope
+ do you want a puppy: Maybe
+ ever had a kick me sign on you: No
+ how about a lick me sign: hahaha no.
+ Favorite icing: I don't like frosting
+ are u a flirt: Sometimes
+ last time you were scared: Today
+ by what? I don't want to say
+ last party you went to: WoW, I don't remember
+ do you do your own laundry: emm...sometimes
+ are your nails real or fake: Real
+ do you get jiggy with it: jiggy..haha...funny word...
+ what do you wish you were named: I don't know..
+ favorite movie star: *shrug*
+ are your parents divorced: Yes.
+ would you ever wear a waterbra: No, I don't need one.
+ do you work out: Yeah.
+ are u muscular: I don't think so.
+ are you flabby: what do you mean?
+ are you fat: I think so, others may differ ( wow these questions are starting to make me feel bad about myself)
+ do you take a lot of pictures: Sometimes.
+ favorite tv show: Boston Public
+ do you want a baby: when I get older I want 2 i think
+ ever thought u were pregnant: No
+ last time you were sick: a while ago
+ do you go to a tanning bed: I have been twice
+ are you in love?
+ favorite rugrats character: I don't care about that show
+ got milk: yeah, but i don't really drink it.
+ do you sniff markers:hhahah what a dumb
+ are you dissatisfied with your hair color: no
+ what magazines do you get: ummm
+ do you belive your horoscope: meh sometimes
+ Whats your sign: Sag.

even more random..

+ do u like coffee: mochas and stuff like that
+ do you write in pen or pencil: Pen
+ are you ghetto: no...are you?
+ favorite lip gloss: something that taste good.
+ do you wear a watch: Yeah
+ sunglasses: yeah, I don't wear them.
+ any siblings: two half sisters and a step brother and 2 step-sisters
+ what are their names: I will just stick with the half sisters..Dennia and Nicole
+ what are their ages: Dennia-11, Nicole-22
+ do they wanna fill out our great survey: No Way
+ do you know how to yo yo: hahaha eh sort of.

God finally that is done, my hands hurt now.
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