July 6th, 2002

My eyes


I really like this cd.

so yeah this is going to be my last night here.

so my mom is going to let me pierce my bellybutton this summer, when i get back from wisconsin. It was a trade, I told her that I would not pierce anything on my face if she let me. And I am going to do my ears agian. WEEEE!!!!
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My eyes

It happend so fast....

Earlier I was so happy, but now it is like a grey cloud has came over me. I now have a overwhelming feeling of wanting to cry. Why? I don't know and I wish that it would go away. So many thoughts went through my head and became a cluttered mess that I can not get through. I have so many things that I want to do, but it seems that I will never have time to do it. I feel like that I am in to much in a hurry to grow up and not take any time to enjoy my life growing up. I am so confused when it comes to so many things.

I feel like I hurt so many people without even relizing it, and most of the time I end up hurting the people that I care about. Tim told me today that, that is life. But why does it have to be so fucked up all the time.

It will seem that everything is going my way and then it just comes crashing down and I am left standing alone, with no one to turn to. I want to change so many things to hopefully make me a happier person, but if you think about it would the change really make me a happier person? Something I will never know unless I do it I guess.
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    Sumblime- 40oz. to Freedom