July 5th, 2002

My eyes


I went shopping today, for some cloths for when I go to Wisconsin. I need to pack tomorrow.

So the 4th of July, was way boring. I went to this party with my mom and little sister. The only "cool" thing that was there was that this guy has a baby raccoon and I got to hold it and stuff. It's really neato, only like 6 weeks old. Fire Works were pretty, like they usually are. hmm...welll...yeah...
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My eyes

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You're Michaelangelo!

You're the wild child of the group, always up for a party, a game, or any kind of activity that looks FUN! You have a short attention span and hate studying. But you're not all play and no work. When there's trouble, you don't hesitate to do your best to make it go away.

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