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LiveJournal for Sarah.
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Monday, July 1st, 2002

Time:1:28 pm.
Mood: blah.
So last night, I watched this movie..it was good..but sad, so I cried through almost all of it. haha. well anyways after the movie I had to many mixed emotions blah...I hate it. I attempted to write a poem. umm I'm not sure what it is, kinda funny. oh well so here it goes.

I try to be happy
I try to be cool
but when I look at me
all I see is a fool

My life is a joke
nobody cares

I feel so alone
nobody to hold
nobody that would want to hold me.

I always end up hurting people
people that deserve the best
who are better then the rest

People point and laugh
and it hurts me a lot
and then I am back to feeling
that I am nothing at all

but who would care anyways?

so yep there it is....
2 know how its done | vintage pose

Subject:Stupid Me.....................................................
Time:11:38 pm.
Mood: content.
So I thought that it would be cool, just to get on-line and look up some information about the college that i want to go to. Bad idea, the only thing that I got out of it was stressing myself out and worrying about not getting into college. And since it is summer now, there is really nothing that I can do about it, so there is no reason to worry about it. though it just seems that i have only 3 years to do a lot of stuff. Oh well, nothing that I can do about it now.

So sam brought me, the cd's that she burnt for me...thankyou very much....more things to listen to on the airplane. hmm so yeah.
vintage pose

LiveJournal for Sarah.

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