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LiveJournal for Sarah.
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Thursday, June 27th, 2002

Subject:I love sam....
Time:9:27 pm.
Mood: happy.
so now I get to go to the show on Saturday!! whippie.

AFI 5587= sam
saarrrrraah= me

saarrrrraah: loser
AFI 5587: fag
saarrrrraah: ass munch
AFI 5587: chode licker
saarrrrraah: cock sucker
AFI 5587: rim job giver
saarrrrraah: fuzzy bumper
AFI 5587: fetus gobbler
saarrrrraah: weiner smacker
AFI 5587: cum guzzler
saarrrrraah: doosh bag
AFI 5587: nipple pincher
saarrrrraah: munger
AFI 5587: oh bitch, you stole mine.
saarrrrraah: you want to start some shit Ho
AFI 5587: I'll reach back like a pimp and smack you, HO!
AFI 5587: Bring it.
saarrrrraah: i'll busta cap in your ass
saarrrrraah: it's on bitch
AFI 5587: I'll chop off your junk.
saarrrrraah: then I will make you eat it
AFI 5587: Eh, that's nothing. I'll puke it back up and force you to drink it.
saarrrrraah: then I will shit it out and make you eat it again
AFI 5587: Then I'll cut off your head and watch you digest it.
AFI 5587: Fine, I like eating shit.
saarrrrraah: ah fuck you
AFI 5587: Actually, I'll stick my finger up your butt so you can't poop.
saarrrrraah: I will swallow them in my ass
AFI 5587: Like I did last night.... ;-)
saarrrrraah: yeah baby
saarrrrraah: you know you like it
AFI 5587: Give me back my fingers bitch!
saarrrrraah: nope sorry can't have them
AFI 5587: Fine... I'll have to use my teeth to gouge your eyeballs out.
AFI 5587: Hey, what's up?
saarrrrraah: Sup?
saarrrrraah: how have you been
AFI 5587: Marvelous.
AFI 5587: You?
saarrrrraah: fantastic, never better
AFI 5587: Good.
saarrrrraah: indeed

it was a great conversation.
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LiveJournal for Sarah.

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Missed some entries? Then simply jump to the previous day or the next day.