June 22nd, 2002

My eyes

Funny Shit...


From the Ancient Egyptian root meaning "Ugly Brute"
Sarah does terrible things to small animals with staplers.
Sarah wants to be an EC dancer.

Sarah should gain a few pounds.

Sarah hates to be wrong.

Sarah whines to get attention.

Sarah farts in bed.

Sarah is rude and disruptive.

Sarah will do anything for sex
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My eyes

Cancer in a box....

So my mom took me to a Tanning salon. Hmm...so yea I went tanning and I guess that I am going to go a few more times before leaving for Wisconsin.

Tomorrow I am leaving for Ocean Shores and not coming back till wednesday possibly, not sure though. Should be fun though.

Today My little sister's friend, told me that one of their other friends ( that I guess is not one of their friends, anymore or whatever) told her that she thinks that I am fat and ugly. I kinda of laughed and then thought to myself, wow see, a person that will tell the truth. haha funny stuff.

hmm.. well I can't really think of anything else to say..
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