June 18th, 2002

My eyes

I hate people....

So this morning I was sitting on the bus talking to Sam and some other people. And this kid was trying to be funny and I told him to be quiet. So he started to get pissy or whatever and called everyone in the back of the bus "Trailer Trash". What the fuck who cares about what kind of house that you live in, and as sam puts in "ooo my house is bigger then yours, so I am better then you!" still I let it get to me which it shouldn't have, but it did. oh he also told his friend that if I was a guy then he would punch me. I said get some balls and do it, then we will see what happens. then on the way home he decided to throw something at me, and then he hit sam in the head with a soccer ball, that bounced and then hit me. we should of chucked it at his head.

so yeah my day just kept on getting better when I pretty much failed a math final, and then have a test that I have to do tonight, that I already did, but the teacher doesn't have my test score. but hmm... I think that I am going to stop complaining now, I will be of to Karate soon!
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