June 16th, 2002

My eyes

Poor Sam....

So today, I managed to cram in a whole year of spanish, half a year of washington state history (becuase that how long the class is) and then half a year of math. God I hate finals so much. Oh well school is almost over, I am contemplating whether or not i want to go to school the last couple of days. So I read Sam's Lj, man that really sucks for her. I will get to see her tomorrow.

I am still in Port Orchard and I would like it very much if my mom would hurry and come and get me, I am so tired. My dad is so funny, he wanted to make sure that the gate was locked on the porch, for when my mom comes, because they have a rottweiler. and he was like "even though I wouldn't mind if Max (dog's names) chewed her up. He should stay on the porch" (hehe) I think that it is just one of those things that you have to be here for. hmm....well my brain is slowly shutting down, so I don't really have anything else to say.
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