May 31st, 2002

My eyes

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"listen, your ass is about to be missin', know who's gonna find you? some old man fishin'.." say that to sam if she starts shit.

Dylan told me to say this to sam if she tries to start shit with me. HaHa, that would be so great just to tell someone that and see what their reaction would be... I wonder where he got that from.

Well tomorrow, I think is going to be a great day. I have a drive tomorrow (for driver's Ed) and then Dylan (not hatefulday) is going to come and get me and we are going to hang out all day! I hope that we will have fun though, I am still not quite sure what we are going to be doing.
I decided that i am going to let go of all the confusion that I have about the recent things that have been going on. Since its not doing me any good. I hope that things will blow over. Or at least get better.
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